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PEACHES, female-spayed
a d o p t e d  ! !
Lab/Beagle mix - 3mos. old
Spayed, shots, dewormed, vet checked.

SASSY - female/spayed
a d o p t e d  ! !
Beagle mix - 4 mos. old
Peaches' sister. I rescued these pups from the side of a country road, someone left them to die. They are now fat and happy.... ready for a home. The Beagle mix puppies all received spay surgery, shots and deworming.

DAISYMAE, female-spayed
a d o p t e d  ! !
Beagle mix - 3mos. old
This little girl is a sweet, gentle one. (picture on left side) She is smallest of her siblings and has a beautiful blue merle coat. She almost looks like a cross between Beagle and Aussie. She is spayed, 1st set of shots and dewormed.

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Debbie Collier 951-940-7520 adoptme@cat-ivity.com