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ROADIE - male/neutered
Ragdoll, 18 mos. old
Roadie is an awesome boy.  He loves attention, plays with water dripping from the sink, gets along with cats, dogs and humans.  During the late summer, he gets funny tufts of hair at the back of his ears, looks so cute.  Coco has been tested negative for Aids/Leuk and is microchipped.  Please click here for a little video of Roadie at the sink.


BENTLEY, male/neutered
Siamese Mix, 4 mos. old
Bentley is a little timid, until you open the refrigerator. Rescued from a homeless young momma cat. Tested negative for Aids/Leuk.


MOLLY - female/spayed
Calico, 2 years old
What a big personality this girl has. Molly was dumped at a storage facility in Redlands. She is now spayed, and tested negative for aids/leuk. Molly needs a very active family. She is always around to greet guests. She's a little bossy with other cats, so she can be the only one, or at least one other kitty. Mollly is not the type to just lay around. She's only 2 years old, but acts like a kitten. She loves to softly play-bite everyone and everything in sight. Probably not the best for young children. Awesome, one-of-a-kind kitty.


WILLOW - female/spayed
Siamese, 4 months
This beautiful Siamese kitten had a bad start in life. She has chemical burns to 1/3 of her body, had to go through spay surgery - a requirement of the animal control prior to adoption, then suffered upper respiratory disease as a result of exposure at the animal control facility. Willow is such a gentle, sweet tiny girl. All she wants is to be held and chase her kitten toys. She is on the road to recovery and will be ready to adopt soon.

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Debbie Collier 951-940-7520 adoptme@cat-ivity.com